A Complete Guide to Install XAMPP on Linux


XAMPP is a complete for developers to setup a development server and test their work on their PC before uploading it to the internet. You may save your time by installing xampp on your machine, which automatically installs other useful tools like PHP, Perl, MySQL etc. Doing this task manually may be a tedious job for anayone.

Proper installation on Linux will be done by just following these simple steps:

Download XAMPP file

Download XAMPP for Linux from any trusted publisher from internet. Download the version that suits your System requirements and Operating System.

Make XAMPP file Executable

Change the file mode to executable by the following command.
chmod +x xampp-linux-x64-7.4.2-0-installer.run

Initiate Installation

Use sudo function to execute the installation of xampp file.

sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.4.2-0-installer.run

cd ~/Downloads

Launching XAMPP

This is the end of installation perfectly, then you might have clicked finish, after that it will launch automatically. But you need to launch XAMPP from terminal emulator each time you start XAMPP, since it has no desktop files. Launching requires root privileges for successful running of XAMPP.

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