Cricket Team Rankings 2020


Cricket, an international sport today, is thought to be created during the Saxon or the Norman times by children living in the Weald, England. In the modern day cricket is a very popular game among both men and women, is played professionally and several leagues have been formed. Cricket teams are ranked based on their performance within these leagues and as such have been compiled for a general overview.


ICC Team Rankings is a rating strategy created by David Kendix to rank men’s teams playing across Test, One-Day International and Twenty20 International formats and women teams playing One-Day International and Twenty20 International cricket. This rating is turned out by isolating the points scored by the match/tournament aggregate, with the answer to the closest whole number. It very well may be contrasted with batting average, but with points rather than complete runs scored and a series aggregate rather than number of times dismissed.

Based on these formats, statistics taken from the official ICC website are quoted to give reference on which teams have performed the best and the worst in each league in men’s teams as well as women’s.


The three leagues being taken for reference are test matches, one day international (ODI) and T20. As per the latest update the Indian team ranked best in the test matches 2020 with a rating of 120 and Ireland did the worst with a rating of 0.

England ranked best in the ODI matches with a rating of 125 and Papua New Guinea was ranked worst with a rating of 0. Pakistan ranked best in the T20 series of 2020 with a team rating of 270 and Brazil and Maldives among others with some of the lowest ratings according to ICC.


The Australian women’s team was rated best in the ODI team rankings in which they were had a rating of 151 and a total of 3784 points and the Ireland women’s team was rated the lowest at 18 with a total of  110 points in the entire championship. In the T 20 series the Australian Women’s team was ranked number one yet again rated at 293 with a total of 7331 points and the women’s teams of Fiji, Norway, Mali, and Lesotho were rated at 0 each scoring 0 points.

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