How do I check my spam score on Moz?


Moz spam score distinguishes the probability of a site being reprimanded by Google which is based on the 17 unique factors with strong investigative control.

It is at the moment is only serviceable on the subdomain level and does not apply to the pages or root domains. It has double benefits, on one hand, it finds out apparent spam while on the other hand it high points the risk in other factors as well.

In the current time. It has become quite easy to check whether a site is a spam or not, it can very effortlessly be verified with the help of SEO Moz’s open site explorer.

Following are few of the important spam flags by Moz associated with Moz Spam Score:

  1. Few links have more content as compared to others and have fewer links, unlike other links, so site which contains a lot of anchor text and unnecessarily links are seen as spam 
  2. If a site lacks contact info then it means is a spam.
  3. If a site has a huge number of external links plus if the site is new then it could be a spam
  4. The link is spam if the site mark-up is incongruously small
  5. When very few volumes of pages are found it indicates spam
  6. If a site contains a moderately little percentage of content to navigation chrome
  7. A site is spam when top-level domains are linked with spam domains 
  8. A site which is large in size but comparatively contains limited links then it’s a spam 
  9. A low Moz Trust or MozRank Score is there to indicate your site link profile is suspicious

With the help of the above-mentioned points, you can know if your site spam scores so that you could avoid any link spam or work towards cleaning up.

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