Living in Europe Vs Asia


Leaving your own place and deciding to live in a new country is a very tough decision and one needs to contemplate on the pros and cons of the new area before going there. However, becoming an expatriate is also an extra-ordinary adventure and one gains incredible experience at different levels.

Asia Vs Europe
Asia Vs Europe

Culture and Relationships

Let’s talk about European and Asian culture, because culture is the amalgamation of ideals, beliefs, customs, languages so and so forth which reflects a society.

Europeans are very direct and straightforward, yet very polite people. Their society is individualistic, and they prefer time over anything. On the other hand, Asians like to have long discussions on a single topic for hours because group dynamics is one of their major concerns. Furthermore, they spend a lot of time to build relationships. It doesn’t mean that Asians are any backward due to these differences, rather they prefer relationship over any other thing.


When you are discussing a culture and you don’t talk about food, it is not possible as food is integral part of any culture. European food are less processed without any spices and you can easily find one raw thing in European cuisine. Asian cuisine, on the other hand, go through a lot of processing and are seasoned heavily with spices and sauces. Hence, Asian cuisine tastes divinely.

Diversity and Affordability

Additionally, European countries are hub of enjoyment with a multicultural touch due to the vast community of expatriates who make Europe a diverse and dynamic place. Having said that, Europe is way much more expensive than Asian countries. Although housing, education and health care facilities are extremely good in Europe, yet not everyone can afford to live in Europe. In terms of economic opportunities and lower living cost, Asian countries are not a bad choice


Ofcourse, traffic is just crazy in most of Asian countries as all sorts of transportation such as taxis, cars, buses, trucks, rickshaws, bikes, bull carts, donkey carts and so many other means of transportation are part of the traffic. Some expats will take much time to get used to the local trafficuntil then traffic congestion freaks out them.In European countries the traffic is not that crazy as Asia and the traffic rules are strict too.

Infrastructure and Parties

The biggest difference between Asia and Europe lies in the infrastructure. Most of the Asian countries fall in the list of developing countries, hence the infrastructure is not upto the mark.

As compared to Asians, Europeans are open-minded. They love partying and dancing; therefore, Europe has the best clubs which offer the best lively nightlife. Asian countries do have clubs too, but not all the countries have clubs and bars.

We can say that if one wants to enjoy a standard of living, he/she would prefer European countries over Asian and those who can’t afford expensive Europe they can consider peaceful and natural Asia for their living.

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