Santa Barbara Parade


The longest day has been significant in old times too. Many calendars were developed by marking the Sun rising point on the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge and Pyramids in Greece were supposed to build for marking seasons. Today it is celebrated as an astronomical event. Some of the celebrations of the day are unique.

Santa Barbara Parade is one of the amazing festival of Summer solstice. It gathers more than 100,000 crowd to witness the Parade. It has developed into an innovative and unique showcase of buoys, monster manikins, eccentric ensembles and veils of in excess of 1,000 motorcade members. Also some fun activities like drumming, music and performances capture the attention of spectators. An artistic competition for T-shirt designing is also arranged each year to just generate the funding for the celebration. Alameda Park is the venue for the Parade and electic collection of music and live performances. So everyone can enjoy the day.

Summer solstice 2020 will start from June 19 and run through June 21 in Alameda Park. Parade will take place on June 20. This three day celebration enthusiasts many to come out from homes and enjoy.

Be a part of the party and enjoy the moment…!

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