Top Protein Foods


Fruits do not come to our minds when we think about protein sources. But being a macro nutrient protein is present in two-third parts of fruit content. Certain fruits are rich source of protein but they provide less protein content than meat, vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts.  Average 50 g daily value of protein is requirement of human body. 1 cup of fruits can provide 1 to 10% of daily value of protein. The protein rich fruits include avocado, guava, berries, apricots, prunes, orange and banana. These are part of high protein weight loss diet.

Here is the list of top five fruits which are richest source of protein:


100 g of prunes contain 2.2 grams of proteins. Prunes contain adequate amount of protein which fulfills the body needs of protein. Prunes are best antioxidant to fight against cancer. Being rich in protein it is used in weight loss diet plans in different forms. They contain fiber which controls weight and blood pressure. They are equally beneficial for bone health.


1 cup of peaches provides 1.5 grams of proteins. An average peach provides 3% of daily value of protein. Being a rich source of protein helps in boosting up of immune system and shields the body from free radical damage. Peaches prevent from peptic ulcers and keep digestive system healthy.


Figs provide 0.8 grams of protein per 100 gram. Figs are classic source of protein in both forms dried or fresh. Dried figs provide more protein. They are also rich in sugar. They boost up immune system and prevent from many diseases such as hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and liver cirrhosis.


Berries are among the healthiest food on the planet. They provide 2 grams of protein per cup. Berries prevent from gout (crystal formation of uric acid) and urinary tract infections.


It supplements the diet with decent amount of protein. One guava provides 1.4 grams of proteins. Guava is one of the top rated fruit which contain high protein content. Guava has upper hand on protein content. Guava is richest source of vitamin C which full fills daily requirement of vitamin C and it is one of the best antioxidant.


Each and every fruit has its own nutritional benefits, but the fruits high in protein have higher values than others. So one should keep including these protein rich fruits while preparing breakfast and snacks.

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