Updating or downloading huge Pubg data over a slow connection

Recently, I came across https://pubgsoldiers.com where the folks are providing multi-part ZIP files of the Pubg mobile game. I thought that their multi-part ZIP files might interest my blog readers too so I’m sharing this website here. This is a common editorial post and we are not affiliated to the referenced websites nor we are affiliated to Pubg Corp.

Downloading multi-part ZIPs

I tried downloading the OBB SD card data from that website and tried installing it and all went well. Here is how you can do that too:

That’s pretty it. Now you should be able to play Pubg mobile game using the downloaded obb and apk files.

I hope that this short tutorial helped you in downloading and installing the Pubg mobile latest version with multi-part obb zip archives. Stay tuned for more articles.

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